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Does not cut deep as they claim. Only cuts 1-1/8 on the rail system

Great tool just doesn’t cut nearly as deep as they say with a 5” alpha blade

Missing part

I didn't open the package right a∑ay because I wasn't quite ready in the prep process. When I did open it I quickly realized it did not include a cutting wheel. I called the number I had, and left a detailed message and my phone number.
What do you call a RUBI Tile Cutter with no cutting wheel? A big red hunk of metal.
Because I'm getting no response I'll have to pay another $40 for one so I can do my job.
I can't say whether this is a good cutter or not, but I can vouch for the crappy service. Thanks for requesting my opinion.

Rubi Cyclone Tile leveling 1mm flat bases.

Theses worked as expected no problems with breaking them out after installation.

MULTIDRILL Water Tank and Hose

Great little pump. Works well. But the little red plunger handle on top is very then and brittle. Mine disintegrated with in minutes of it's first use. Still I highly recommend this tool. It has cut my water usage down a lot and I think with it and the drill guide they have cut my drilling time down a lot. I'll drill up to hundred 1/4" or 5'16" holes in tile on a pair of public restrooms for stall partitions and accessories. These two tools are perfect for the job. Really beats starting a hole by holding the bit at an angle and having the bit skate across the wall. While you are trying to use a spray bottle (or drink bottle with a hole in the cap) to wet the bit.

Rubi Tools MULTIDRILL Drill Bit Guide

Great guide! The only issue I see (and could use a design change) is the water tube connector sticks straight up. This causes the drill head to rub on the hose when using small dia. bits. What I've done to remedy this issue is the wrap the hose around the suction cup handle after I lock it down. Since I do restroom partitions and accessories like HC grab bars most of my holes are either 1/4" or 5/15". I'll drill up to 100 holes in a pair of public restrooms a day. This guide has really been holding up. Unfortunately the little red plunger handle on the top of the water pump disintegrated on the first day. Very thin plastic on a metal post. But still works well.

Rubi Tools 20" Rule Support Set

Haven't used them yet. Bought them for an upcoming job that I'll start sometime in April 2024. They look similar to the old pair I already have. except for the little plastic handles. Which I'll most likely replace with some eye bolts like I have on my old ones. That are nearly 30 yrs old. I hope they will hold up just as well. Even-though I don't expect to be doing this for 30 more years. I'd like to pass my tools down to the next guy (my son).

Higher expectations for the price

It's obviously a great laser, but as one of the highest priced on the market I expected to have no complaints. My main complaint is that the remote control only has about a 30ft range. PITA for trying to use the laser for squaring. My other complaint is the grade rod is only 4ft and comes with no protective case. Not sure what activities a 4ft grade rod is good for, especially since the tripod has a 3ft minimum setup height. Pretty much everything else is great.

Rubi Tools RubiClean Triple Superpro Wash Bucket

Great center punch

I'll order from here if I need what they offer in the future

Quality Mixer for all applications

Versatile piece of gear for whatever your mixing needs.

Roberts Knee Kicker Replacement Bumper Pad

Owner of a home building company

Very good set of tools I use them daily

Makes work much easier.

Ruby scraper 250 is a good tool, the attachments not always work well. It is hard enough, but just do not remove it as a constant smooth motion.

Great Product and Super Customer Service

I was all set to make a mud pan for a 4ft by 6ft shower I was building. I realized though I was going to be running out of time to get the pan built, cured and then all tiled up so I could have the glass guys come in and do their thing and still have everything installed before Christmas. I went looking for pre sloped shower pans and found this one. I had to contact them to have the order redirected from my Texas house to Colorado and Rob and Tool Locker was fantastic to deal with. The pan arrived right when he said it would. Installation was a breeze and saved me SOOOOO much time over having to make a sloped shower pan. This is so much lighter and easier to deal with. Worked so well. I'm about to redo another bathroom and ordered their 3ft x 5ft pan for that one. It was delivered in a week. WAY earlier than I needed it. Great product and Tool Locker was really nice to deal with.

Dressing stone

Works great

Leveling clips

Works great

Clips are good need to make tile protectors to stop caps from scratching tile

Both products work great

Montolit Glass & Porcelain Nippers

Great tool. Performs as advertised. Highly recommend. Like the angled nippers.

Perfect for extended sizes of porcelain slabs

Perfect to extend 10' kera cut for newer,bigger slabs

Excellent job thanks guys for everything and happy holidays


I’ve really enjoyed the products that I have bought and I will continue buying the products. They are built well and very good quality.

If you only ever have one level, this is the one to own. Exceptional quality and a ton of features.

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