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iQTS244® X-Stand
Christopher Kelly

iQTS244® X-Stand

New saw, no blade

This would have been a 5 star review if I had received the extra blade that was promised in the advertisement, and the mitre table would have been undamaged. I think that a timely response would have made me feel better. If I pay for a $75 subscription and $200 for shipping I should get everything in good condition and a complete order!!!!

Need a longer lasting chain

The saw is functioning relatively good, however the chains do not seem to be lasting very well.

Rubi Tools RUBISCRAPER-250 Replacement Blades

Montolit Nippers

These are the Cadillac of nippers. I have arthritic hands and find I can use these with ease. Just a pleasure to use. I also find that I can get very close and do intricate work with the Montolit.

Not worth it!

Not worth the $800 dollars.


Did a outstanding job


Redoing our bathroom and this is the perfect addition we needed. He decided to use GURU products throughout and it’s turning out amazing. Great quality & great price!

Rubi Diamond polishing Pads

They work wonderfully!

Raimondi Square Notched Trowels

Guru is is the best membrane in the market !!!!

Dcx-250 xpert

Amazing product

By far the best 48” Commercial Tile Saw

We wanted something that was going to be the creme of the crop of tile saws that could cut upto 48” and be semi portable. This fit the bill. Super well built, solid stiff legs, solid rail for the Saw to glide on. The pump system is decent. Only critisim is this is not an internal use saw, its what i would call external (outside) use only. The concept of the water is that it sprays on the tile saw blade and then falls into a trough that is sloped and then falls into the bucket they provide (which has the pump inside of it). Only issue is the end that the water falls into has a few slits on the corners that are not water tight and when you take your saw to that edge the water sprays with some force and manages to shoot itself through those slots and end up on the ground. But thats the only critism, not like we asking for it to be water right.

But its definitely a high end saw with ability to make professional level cuts and accurate. Most saws as you get to the last 1/2 to 1/4” of the tile while cutting usually crack cause of vibration or misalignment, this is straight cut like butter and no cracking to the end.

Have owner of toollocker call me

Piss poor

Mapeguard WP 200 Waterproofing Sheet Membrane
Mitchell Sisun

I noticed the product peeling back and not staying on the wall with the 4 inch strips.


Best way to wipe floor

It was a great buy! Now I have 2 brick/ block tongs and am balanced when carrying a load evenly!

Great price!

Looked all over the web and found the best price here at Tool Locker!

Rubi Tools CYCLONE Tile Leveling System Kits

No other bit touches them

I dont know why I waited so long to buy the 1/4 " drygres bit. Makes drilling holes for shower doors on tile showers so much easier than using any other diamond bit you can put in your drill. Packed with wax to help with dissipate some of the heat. I used it for one shower and I ordered the 5/16" as that's another common size needed for shower doors.

UltraCare Penetrating SB Stone, Tile & Grout Sealer
Richard Fleming
Tool Locker was great

The correct product was sent to me fast and I was very satisfied. I will purchase from them again.


Originally sent wrong product. After a quick call, the correct product was shipped. Nice recovery. Appreciate the quick turn.

Schluter KERDI-BOARD-SB Prefabricated Shower Benches
joe lopez lopez

Excellent product

Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance

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