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How to cut tile without a wet saw

How to cut tile without a wet saw

Tile laying provides added beauty and aesthetics to your space. If you are new to tile laying, you will want to know the various porcelain tile tools. One of the common equipment you might need is the wet saw. The wet saw is an efficient tool for cutting tiles but not the only one. In this post, you will learn how you can use tile cutters and nippers to cut tiles for your projects.

Solutions to cut tiles without a wet saw

No wet saw for your tiling job? No worries! Here are some alternatives to cut ceramic and even porcelain tiles!

How to cut tile without a tile saw: try a manual tile cutter

Compared to wet saws, manual tile cutters are a cheaper option when you want to have straight cuts. These tools only use scoring and pressure to snap the tiles to the desired size. Generally, the cutter has a handle running on the rail that enables you to make a cut similar to a paper guillotine.

Outstanding in the market, Rubi TZ tile cutters are one of the most advanced manual tile cutters available. With a breaking capacity of 3307 lb, these cutters allow you to adjust the working position and performance depending on the thickness of the material. If you’re wondering how to cut porcelain tile without a wet saw, this is your tool! It is easy to secure the cutter in a bag because of its foldability.

Another option to cut tile with no wet saw: The tile nippers

If you have been wondering how to cut a ceramic tile by hand, especially for tiles with mosaic patterns, consider using the tile nipper. Tile nippers, also called tile snips, are inexpensive tools for cutting porcelain tiles. Its simplicity allows the user to break off small chips effectively giving you a seamless finish.

Whereas these tools are easy to use, they cannot work easily on thick ceramic tiles. You will need to practice with standard tiles to polish your tile-cutting skills. It is important to know the various nipper sizes that suit your needs. When choosing this tool, ensure that it has a comfortable grip, a carbide cutting edge, and a spring handle.

You can also cut tiles with your angle grinder

An angle grinder is a handheld machine useful in cutting and polishing tiles, thus giving you a clean finish on the edges. When choosing an angle grinder, ensure you get the right blade. A better blade will serve you longer and will save you use less time while working, especially if you do not know how to cut large porcelain tiles.

Use a hole saw for accessories

Most times, after successfully cutting ceramic tile by hand and completing the installation, you may need to place some fittings. Such may include shelves, electrical faucets or bathroom accessories. In this case, the hole saw is the ideal tool to drill holes without ruining the entire cast.

The hole saw is a cylindrical, metallic tool with serrated cutting edges. The tips of the drill have either carbide or diamond. The carbide-tipped drill is common and useful in standard materials.

On the other hand, the diamond-tipped drill is suitable for harder materials. It is therefore advisable to know your material and choose an ideal hole saw. Hole saws vary in length thus, the extent of your drilling is dependent on the type of hole saw you use.

Or Use the new IQ Power Tools IQTS244 Dry-Cut Tile Saw

This Dry-Cut Tile Saw cuts clean, efficient, and precise, with no water, no slurry, and virtually no heat, even with hard materials. The integrated vacuum system implements cyclone technology which is tested to capture 99.5% of dust. Featuring fully integrated dust collection technology, the innovative design combines the power of a high-end tile saw with a strong cyclonic vacuum. Without the need to use water, you'll save one hour per day or more in costly setup & cleanup time. This saw also meets OSHA's standard for silica dust.


Cutting tiles to precision makes the final outlook of your project look desirable and professional. For this reason, it is vital that you have the right tools before embarking on your home project. If you wish to buy tools online, contact The Tool Locker for expert advice and incredible deals. Do not forget to ask us about our Wholesale Club, a unique community of contractors and professionals.

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