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Equipment and tools to polish concrete

Equipment and tools to polish concrete

Polishing concrete is a popular way to achieve a glossy, polished look on any solid floor or surface. It is a detailed process that requires precision and expertise if done properly. It's a great way to add a unique and attractive touch to any interior or exterior surface.

A flooring polishing project requires selecting appropriate equipment to achieve the desired result. Concrete finishing can substantially improve the look and lifespan of the floor, making the effort worthwhile. Choosing the right equipment depends on the size and type of flooring project you are doing and the level of complexity involved.

The right toolkit should include a range of grinders, polishing equipment, and diamond machine. By selecting the right equipment, you can be sure that your flooring finishing project will run as smoothly as possible.

In this article, we’ll see some tools to polish concrete recommended by The Tool Locker, some tips to get the job done right and finally, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about this job.

What Are The Tools To Polish Concrete?

Polishing is the process of smoothing, buffing, and honing flooring surfaces to create a smooth, shiny, and visually appealing finish. This process reveals the flooring's unique texture and color while creating a glossy, slip-resistant surface. Depending on the desired result, many different aids and materials are used to polish solid floors, walls, and surfaces.

The machine and materials used include a range of grinding, polished concrete, ride-on floor scrapers, surface prep, dust extraction and walk-behind floor scrapers. The Tool Locker is a great place to buy tools online and they have a wide range of polishing tools. They have a wide variety of machines specifically suited for the job, making it easy to find what you need at an affordable price.

What Types Of Tools To Polish Concrete Are Needed?

Grinding machine

These are an essential aid for finishing flooring. This machine usually has diamond-impregnated discs that shape and smooth the floor. Grinding aid includes walk-behind or ride-on floor scrapers, surface preparation machines, and dust extraction systems.

Innovatech PREDATOR 32NDX Concrete Grinder and Polisher 

Innovatech PREDATOR 32NDX Concrete Grinder

You can find more surface grinder here.

And more specifically: Husqvarna surface grinder, a well-known brand highly recommended by The Tool Locker.

Polishing machines

Polishing machine or Floor scrapers are used to refine and polish the flooring surface. They usually have diamond-impregnated pads that refine the existing scratches on the floor. Examples of polishing aids include the Terminator and walk-behind floor scrapers.

Innovatech TERMINATOR T3000Ei Battery-Powered Ride-On Floor Scraper

Innovatech TERMINATOR T3000Ei Battery-Powered Ride-On Floor Scraper

Contec BULL Walk-Behind Floor Scraper 

 Contec BULL Walk-Behind Floor Scraper

4 Tips You Didn't Know About Tools To Polish Concrete

  1. Use a low-speed grinder or polisher designed explicitly for finishing the floor.
  2. Apply light pressure when beginning to polish the floor; increase the pressure as you polish further to achieve the desired sheen.
  3. Use different grit diamond pads to refine the flooring's surface. Start with a lower grit of 400-grit and progress to higher grits of up to 3000-grit.
  4. Use a water mist to cool and lubricate the diamond pads during finishing.

Frequent Questions about polishing concrete

Can You Polish Concrete With A Grinder?

Yes, the grinder is considered as a tool to polish concrete. A grinder can be used to both smooth and shine the concrete surface. Grinding the surface in a circular motion works best to achieve the desired result.

Is It Better To Polish Concrete Wet Or Dry?

It is best to polish the floor dry. Wet polishing has its place, but generally, dry polishing is preferred because it produces a smoother and more consistent finish.

To get perfect polished floor finishes, ensure you have the right equipment to take on the project. If you are still determining what the best option is, consider checking the different options available at The Tool Locker. With an extensive selection of high-quality flooring polishing equipment from major manufacturers like Husqvarna, you will find the right items to help you get the construction job done. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to advise you on what is the best option for you.

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