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Husqvarna Compaction Equipment
Compaction Equipment

Husqvarna Concrete Placement Equipment
Concrete Placement Equipment

Husqvarna Core Drill Equipment
Core Drill Equipment

Husqvarna Diamond Blades for Flat Saws
Diamond Blades for Flat Saws

Husqvarna Diamond Blades for Masonry and Tile Sawing
Diamond Blades for Masonry and Tile Sawing

Husqvarna Diamond Blades for Power Cutters
Diamond Blades for Power Cutters

Husqvarna Diamond Blades for Soff-Cut Cutting
Diamond Blades for Soff-Cut Cutting

Husqvarna Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Core Drill Bits

Husqvarna Diamond Tools for Surface Preparation
Diamond Tools for Surface Preparation

Husqvarna Dust and Slurry Management
Dust and Slurry Management

Husqvarna Masonry Saws
Masonry Saws

Husqvarna Power Cutters
Power Cutters

Husqvarna Power Trowels
Power Trowels

Husqvarna Surface Preparation Equipment
Surface Preparation Equipment

Husqvarna Walk-Behind Concrete Saws
Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

Husqvarna Construction Products is a part of Husqvarna Group. We are a world leader in the construction industry. Our extensive construction product range includes machines, diamond tools and all accessories that you need for cutting, sawing and drilling, as well as polishing floors and demolition.

We have wide, innovative and powerful range of machinery and tools for the construction and stone industries. Through our sales companies and retailers you can be sure of getting products, service and support that suit you.

To stay in the lead, we’re investing more resources than ever into product development. Our ambition is to keep on developing intelligent, cutting-edge solutions that combine high professional performance, making work easier, more productive and rewarding for our users.

All successful product development must be user-focused. That’s why we always have been working closely together with professional users in all development. Our customer’s needs and preferences inspire us to create new solutions for even more efficient and convenient work.

Contractor cutting concrete pipe with Husqvarna K 770 power cutter

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