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Concrete Tools Every Contractor Should Have

Concrete Tools Every Contractor Should Have

Concrete Tools: List of Essential Tools for Concrete

As a contractor, you need to be ready for any kind of job by having the right
types of concrete tools with you. Keep reading to know which ones you should
actually buy.

A contractor should always have the following items with them to be able to
carry out their job effectively:

1. Concrete Mixer

We must start the list of concrete tools with the portable concrete and
mortar mixer. This is one of the first items you should have as a contractor. It
makes you look very professional not to mention that it helps you finish tasks
within a cinch. When buying a cement mixer, consider going for a lightweight
model that you can easily carry around. Furthermore, make sure the model you
plan to buy is versatile and equipped with a high-performance industrial-grade
motor. You can check some mixers from IMER at The Tool Locker.

2. Screeds

A screed is a leveling device that contractors use to smooth out freshly poured
cement. Although some contractors use a screed that is as basic as a piece of
lumber for smaller jobs, it is advisable that you get a proper model always. This
makes you look professional as well as helps you do a good job every time.
Consider investing in a lightweight screed featuring a built-in level. This device
will help you screed with unrivaled accuracy. Visit the The Tool Locker and
compare different power screeds:

3. Floats

After using a screed to level a surface, you turn to floats to give the surface a
smooth and professional finish. There are two types of floats; the ones designed
for smaller cement jobs and those designed for larger jobs. For smaller tasks,
consider a basic hand-held float made of durable yet lightweight material. And,
for larger jobs, go for a big boy like the large magnesium concrete floats from
Marshalltown that you can rely on to finish newly cast cemented surfaces.

4. Plate Compactor

This construction device may not seem like a necessary concrete tool, but it
actually is. You see, when you pour cement on a sandy or less stable surface, it
is highly unlikely to hold up. It will start to crack, and that is where a plate
compactor comes into play. As its name suggests, a compactor compacts the
ground before pouring, plus it levels it. By doing so, a plate compactor helps
prevent cracks and general breakdown. When buying a plate compactor, go for a
high-performance unit that can take care of all your compaction needs.
Husqvarna offers a wide range of plate compactors available at the Tool Locker.

5. Dust Collection

Last but not least, if you’re working with concrete and concrete tools you
know that cement contains crystalline silica, which when breathed in, can prove
to be dangerous. This report is according to a statement released by the
Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health on the
presence of crystalline silica in cement dust. With that said, ensure you buy a
proper dust collection that will keep you safe when sawing, grinding, or doing
any work involving cement. At The Tool Locker, we offer a wide range of Dust
Collectors such as Husqvarna S13 HEPA Dust Collector and Innovatech HD1
Two-Stage HEPA Bartell Global Dust Collector.

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