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Construction light is important for your safety

Construction light is important for your safety

 A good Construction light is exactly what you need to be safe at a building site, specially during winter time. Portable worklights provide good lighting; hence, they make working on a construction site a cakewalk. Keep reading to know which ones they are.

Be safe with the best portable worklight

The following are some of the devices you can invest in to make your day brighter when at a building site:

1. Rechargeable Focus Flashlight with Laser

This portable worklight is loaded with features such as a twist focus bezel, a class IIIA red laser, and an LED light. With that said, it is exactly what you should go for if you are looking for a device to help you spot objects that may be out of reach.

Rechargeable Focus Flashlight with Laser from KLEIN TOOLS uses a lithium-ion battery that goes for up to 12 hours on low and six hours on high. On low, there are 125 lumens, whereas, on high, there are 350 lumens. The device also comes equipped with a battery gauge, which alerts you when it is time to charge the battery. The battery is easy to charge; thanks to the included micro-USB cable. What’s more, this device has a dust and water-resistant rating of IP54, which makes it durable and reliable enough to use every day.

2. Cap Visor LED Lights

A cap visor LED light is perfect for your casual or work head gear. The contoured metal flip fastens easily onto the brim of a cap, hat or hard hat. With five bright LEDs, the pivoting light head allows up to a 60-degree lighting angle. With a low energy consumption, the light can run on low (40 lumens) for up to 8 hours and for 4 hours on high with 125 lumens. Plus, it is IP54 dust and water resistant and can withstand a drop of 10 feet, so it won’t break if it gets bumped around.

3. Headlamps

Headlamps are classic portable worklight that offer a nice way to improve artificial lighting in a building site. Klein Tools produce different kinds of headlamps. What’s even better is that these headlamps are versatile and will no doubt meet your professional needs. They have well-thought-out brackets that allow you to directly mount them to Hard Hats.

Besides, some are equipped with an adjustable fabric strap, which, in turn, features a silicone grip that secures it your cap, hat, or head. Another feature we must mention is the rechargeable battery. It makes it easy to recharge the headlamp, as all you need to do is plug the headlamp in once you are done with the day’s job.

Buy portable worklight and Construction lights at The Tool Locker

At The Tool Locker, we offer a wide range of construction lights & portable worklight to help improve artificial lighting at building sites.

Here we’ve seen recommended Klein portable worklight but we also offer Klein Flashlight and Milwaukee work light.

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