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Drill Bits for Tile and Stone

Mastering tile and stone drilling with specialist bits

At The Tool Locker, we understand the intricacies of working with hard materials such as tile and stone. That's why we offer a carefully selected range of drill bits, specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of these materials. With offerings from trusted brands like Diamax, Montolit, and Rubi Tools, our collection ensures precision and durability for professional tradespeople.

  • Montolit FPU Diamond Milling Bits for Shaping Holes

    Montolit FPU Diamond Milling Bits for Shaping Holes

    $78.12 USD
    from $78.12 USD Wholesale Club Price $78.12 USD

    Features Enlarge or shape existing holes in tile 5/8"-11 threaded attachment fits most standard angle grinders Save money by buying one drill bit ...

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    from $78.12 USD Wholesale Club Price $78.12 USD

Ultimate guide to choosing drill bits

Specialty bits for ceramic and porcelain

Our selection includes bits that minimize chip and breakage risk, ensuring a clean, precise hole every time.

High-Performance bits for natural stone

Tackle the toughest natural stones, including granite and marble, with our high-performance drill bits. Engineered for speed and longevity, these bits make quick work of even the most demanding projects.

The advantage of choosing our brands

Our selection of drill bits for tile and stone stands out for its unmatched precision, durability, and innovative design. Sourced from leading brands, each bit is crafted to exceed the expectations of professionals. The diversity of our selection ensures that you'll find the perfect tool for any application, from delicate tile work to robust stone drilling. By choosing our high-quality drill bits, you're investing in efficiency, reliability, and the success of your projects.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the same drill bit for both tile and stone?

Each material, from ceramic tile to dense stone like granite, presents unique challenges. While some bits are versatile, it's crucial to choose a bit designed for the specific material you're working with to ensure optimal results and avoid damage.

How do I prevent my drill bit from slipping on tile?

Starting your drilling process with a lower speed and applying a piece of masking tape over the drilling area can help prevent slipping. The tape provides extra grip for the drill bit to catch onto the tile's glossy surface.

Are there specific drill bits for different types of stone?

Yes, different stones require different types of drill bits. Soft stones like limestone may need a different approach compared to harder stones like granite. Selecting a bit designed for the stone type ensures cleaner cuts and prolongs bit life.

Where to find the drill bits for tile and stone?

The Tool Locker is your premier destination for finding high-quality drill bits for tile and stone. With a selection that features top brands and is designed to meet the needs of professional construction work, shop with us to find tools that embody excellence and are built to last.

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