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Tile commercial flooring

Bid Room for Commercial Jobs

Bidding on Commercial Flooring Projects

Construction project bidding
Let the Tool Locker get you the lowest price for setting materials and tools needed for your next flooring installation project

What is the Bid Room?

The Tool Locker is happy to introduce the Bid Room, the quickest way to get a bid for setting materials and tools for your next commercial flooring job. We know that you want the best material for the job at a price where you can still turn a profit. The Tool Locker's expert Sales Team will provide you the top brands in the business at a price that can be profitable.

What if I don't see my materials on

The Tool Locker promotes the best brands in the tile flooring industry, however, some of the manufacturer's catalog may not be listed on our website. Although it is not online, The Tool Locker can supply tools, equipment, setting materials and other products from these popular brands. If there is a product that you do not see online from the brands listed, please request that product for your bid and we will provide the best price.

Who do I contact?

For commercial construction bidding, we ask that you provide the specs of the job, along with any desired material or tools. Once you are ready to submit your request, our Sales Team can easily be contacted at This e-mail is dedicated to providing commercial job bids in a timely manner.

How do I get my bid?

Allow our Sales Team 48 hours to review your request then provide you with the best possible price for the job. You will receive an e-mail with the bid quote that is good for 30 days. Once we agree upon the bid, you can place the order with our sales staff.

**Brand New - Custom Hard Hats**

The Tool Locker is happy to announce that we are offering customized hard hats from Klein Tools. We can put company names, logos, or combinations of it on the front, back, sides or all 4 places if you wish. It takes 3 weeks for custom hard hats to be shipped and a minimum of 20 units must be purchased. Inquire with the Bid Room sales rep for further details.

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